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Estate Planning

Experienced, reputable financial management & estate planning services.

Each client's financial situation can change over time which requires a customized approach to investing and estate planning. Building an estate plan requires difficult decisions to be made.

Having a designated Long Term Care Plan is in itself part of estate planning. You can’t forecast what your legacy might be if you don’t plan for a long term care event that may be months or years in duration. Nobody expects to need long term care, but if it is needed, the rest of the family will be glad it was planned for. There are many options to consider in this particular aspect of the planning process, from using traditional Long Term Care Insurance policies to hybrid products that solve several issues simultaneously.

Estate Taxes can also severely reduce what the next generation will inherit. Keys to creating a successful outcome are developing an inter-generational asset transfer plan, utilizing a trust and estate attorney* as well as coordinating with your Certified Public Accountant* to make sure that the proper tax strategies are considered. You may not be able to avoid the taxation of some of the assets, but constructing a plan to utilize applicable strategies to minimize the impact is mission critical.

Granite Ridge Wealth Advisors LLC  is a fiercely independent firm, so we have no obligation to offer proprietary products or services like some very large organizations we compete with. This provides the basis to help clients select only the strategies that best suit their needs, which will ultimately work to provide the maximum overall tax efficiency.

*These services are not offered through First Allied Securities, Inc.