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Our Process

It is one thing to be responsive to a client’s requests for information. It is something else when an advisor is proactive and translates complex information, much of which can be confusing, and frames it in a way that might quell a client’s fears. It is easy to wonder if any of the daily information we all have access to, has any relevance to our financial lives. It takes trust and a steady hand by your financial advisor to create comfort and relief from worry, when everywhere we turn we find much to be concerned about.

At Granite Ridge Wealth Advisors LLC , it is understood that every client and family is different. Goals and circumstances can vary widely for individuals and families. The comprehensive process begins with a discussion to gain a detailed perspective on what needs to be accomplished. Understanding a client’s time horizon, goals, and aspirations are just the beginning. An independent financial practitioner that works within the Fiduciary Standard framework, should eliminate the coordination gaps that frequently exist in most financial plans. When there is effective communication between the client’s Certified Public Accountant, trust and estate attorney and financial advisor, issues such as investment diversification problems in the form of unexpected concentrations within the allocations, as well as incomplete tax planning that may not have been addressed are reduced and potentially eliminated. Ultimately, the hope is that clients will discover a new found confidence that they are making exciting decisions to improve their financial lives, and have a platform for them to take that next step forward.

Areas of wealth management we address are:

  1. Investment Planning
  2. Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  3. Banking & Credit Management
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. Executive Compensation
  6. Business Succession Planning
  7. Planning for Incapacity
  8. Education & Family Support
  9. Charitable Gifting
  10. Titling & Beneficiary Designations
  11. Executor & Trustee Selection
  12. Distribution of Estate
  13. Tax Planning