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Investment Research

As a boutique financial services firm, we pride ourselves on thinking differently, concentrate on in-depth research, and then find creative ways to share this information with our clients in a manner that makes sense to them. Investment designs should not be governed by a one size fits all approach. Traditional risk tolerance and volatility metrics provide only part of the information needed in the asset allocation design process. Appreciating that a client’s feelings about risk may change based on non-monetary factors, means that an ongoing assessment is needed, long after the initial design period.

In addition, many investment research firms present contrasting opinions regarding their interpretations of market data. Analyzing this information is vital to decision making. Combined with an independent approach, having access to some of the best institutional investment management firms along with their individual research teams and portfolio managers, utilizing multiple equity and fixed income asset classes, a wealth of alternative investments, sophisticated portfolio optimization algorithms and a holistic approach, this creates the proper foundation for making suitable individualized investment allocation recommendations within the fiduciary standard. Reviewing and interpreting the latest macro-economic outlook and current capital markets assumptions, are compared in relation to each client, so risk can be managed on an individual basis. With the assistance of an investment committee for individual security selection as well as strategists and portfolio managers who operate separately managed accounts, this builds a high level of flexibility and intelligent design. We live in challenging times, and having a modern approach is necessary to navigate the sometimes volatile markets around the globe.